An alternative to more interest on your assets
  • 5% annual interest on your investment
  • The maturity of this bond is 3 years
  • Quarterly payment of interest
  • You can participate from as little as € 250

The term of this bond is 3 years. Payment of an attractive interest of 5% right from the start. You are assured of attractive quarterly interest payments and your investment is completely returned at the end of the 3-year term.


Only 9 per cent of the global economy is currently circular while adopting circular principles now could bring to Europe net benefits of EUR 1,8 trillion by 2030.

With circular economy we can reduce 48% carbon emissions, create a positive impact on nature and people, and economic growth.

The barrier: Linear thinking has misguided the industry for 300 years creating waste, climate change and the extinction of millions of species.


Circular economy: where the value of products, materials and resources is maintained in the economy for as long as possible, and the generation of waste minimized by recovering all waste as a resource for new productive cycles.


With our data-driven & lean learning methodology we accelerate the learning process.

We measure, enhance and optimize circular thinking and innovation capacity.

We provide capacity building at scale, tailor-made to the individual learning capacity.

A SaaS platform that offers IMMERSIVE STORY DRIVEN CAPACITY BUILDING ON THE CLOUD with e-games, V.R., e-Learning & e-tests.






Background in multidisciplinary research and methodology validated since 1993, in 5 continents.

Dutch products with roots in nature inspired technology and knowledge of ancient cultures and civilizations.

A SaaS Platform with next generation capacity building tools geared to our time.

We combine the power of human connection and human competences with artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, data-analysis and technology.


We are the only platform online for scalable capacity building, which offers a tailor-made to the individual learning process.





A few years ago, Luis, the founder of MATRIX-Q SOLUTIONS decided to change his life: enough of travelling, research and exploration; as he he saw too much pain in humans and nature.

“Our planet has reached a no return point, we can not repair any more the damage humanity has created in nature; but we can accelerate the process of returning our planet back to balance, by accelerating thinking and behavior change.”

Luis is now living in a small town surrounded by nature, at the Utrecht Region in the Netherlands. With family, a life-partner and two children, he decided work on an innovative methodology and technology to address global pressing issues.

Luis grounded a Research Institute and a R&D start-up dedicated to Circular Economy Innovation (Science Park Utrecht, The Netherlands)

“Our method can help solve any problem for which thinking, behavior change and learning are needed. From communication to gender equality, from preventive health to addiction, from learning skills to leadership, from creativity to coding”.



For 2050 we would like the global value chain to reach 50% transition to circular economy. We need to accelerate our international reach capacity with human capital and completion of our SaaS & R&D Innovations.

Now you can join us in the same mission and aim.

To bring our planet back to balance
To create a human a civilization that contributes with positive impact in nature, people and economic growth.

We aim to accelerate the transition into Circular Economy.
Bridge the circularity gap, measure, enhance & optimize circular innovation-capacity.

We accelerate thinking and behavior change with data driven capacity building programs assisted by A.I. e-Learning Coach With a SaaS Platform, A.I. Engine, services on the cloud combined Human-Connection (Human-Consultants) and R&D Innovation for Circular Economy.


MATRIX-Q SOLUTIONS wants to grow together with your help as an investor.

We have therefore devised various incentives:

Every participant who invests >= € 250,00 receives
> early access to our test-products before GO LIVE date.
> 1 virtual tree planted in your name on our founders page = 1 real tree at a chosen location around the world.

Every participant who invests >= € 1.000,00 receives.
> 90 min online advice session with Luis, with review of your Human DNA Type (e-Test), to unleash your potential.
> 4 virtual trees planted in your name on our founders page = 4 real trees at a chosen location around the world

Every participant who invests >= € 2.500,00 receives
> 4 years unlimited subscription to our e-learning and e-games productions
> 10 virtual trees planted in your name on our founders page = 10 real trees at a chosen location around the world.

Every participant who invests >= € 7.500,00 receives.
> 8 years unlimited subscription to our e-learning and e-games productions.
> Opportunities to suggest content for our capacity building programs and influence with your creative suggestions the learning process of our users.
> 30 virtual trees planted in your name on our founders page = 30 real trees at a chosen location around the world.

Every participant who invests >= € 10.000,00 receives
> Listed in Publications Credits: Founder’s List (optional).
> Be interviewed as for our case studies publications (optional).
> Write for us an article with your vision on circular economy (optional) > Signed Printed Version of the Self-Awareness & Meditation Cards Set by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.
>8 years unlimited subscription to our e-learning and e-games productions.
> 40 virtual trees planted in your name on our founders page = 40 real trees at a chosen location around the world.

Every participant who invests >= € 15.000,00 receives
> Early training of your own A.I. Learning Coach / Innovation Advisor. A tailor-made advice provided by our A.I. Engine adjusted to your learning still and innovation capacity.
> VIP e-Forum Badge > 60 virtual trees planted in your name on our founders page = 60 real trees at a chosen location around the world.

Every participant who invests >= € 25.000,00 receives
> Your own learning, thinking and behavior change program. A tailor made program according to your own goals, needs and challenges.
> Add your own self-image or avatar to one of our e-games.
> 100 virtual trees planted in your name on our founders page = 100 real trees at a chosen location around the world.

Every participant who invests >= € 50.000,00 receives
> Full weekend private live training program tailor made to your interests, with Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken. Fully catered. 2.5 days, 2 nights hotel included at the Paviljoen Hotel **** situated in a unique location surrounded by nature on the wooded Grebbeberg in Rhenen, central Netherlands. Particularly neighbors: right next Ouwehand Zoo. / Dinner with the funding team
> 200 virtual trees planted in your name on our founders page = 200 real trees at a chosen location around the world.

With the help of your investment we are able to help 20.000 leaders of the dutch industry accelerate the transition to Circular Economy and reach 30% circularity for 2030


Invest with confidence

It is wise to immerse yourself in our company first. Although investing is never free of risks, it can provide more financial return than bank savings. However, it is very important that you have the right and complete information and studied it carefully. The fact that you are looking at the information on this website is a good sign.

Limit your risk

Does high interest rates always mean more risk? Yes, but you can limit your own risk by spreading your investments. Never invest more money than you can spare. It is not wise to use your complete savings account, because investing always involves risks.

Start investing directly?

You can do that. From experience, you probably already know what the risks are. Corporate bonds are a
a separate asset class. The risk, i.e. the yield ratio, is not comparable to other
investment products such as ship CVs, government bonds or real estate and institutional investment funds.


Securely via your bank

he Corporate Bonds can be paid by iDEAL or by bank transfer. You will receive your payment confirmation
immediately by e-mail.

14 days reflection time

After payment, you have 14 days of cooling-off time to cancel free of charge.

Do not pay closing costs

You do not pay management or closing costs. There are no hidden charges.

Start investing

What customers say

  • I have been working with MQ9 now for a couple of weeks. Before the hassle of training and sports was holding me back, this however is a top combination of physical effort and mental relaxation with an inspiring coach. Recommended!

    Peter Bolt, CEO, Entrepreneur

  • The innovative nature of the methods and know how provided by MQ9 is relevant for our organization. We share with MQ9 the same perception of values, management style and approach. The training methodology utilized suits the needs and learning preferences of our management team.”

    William van de Wettering, Regional Chief Officer - De Dierenbescherming (National Animal Protection Organization The Netherlands)

  • “… a genius person with the nature based energy of other three people integrated and deployed. The combination of his Master’s level work is groundbreaking and leads to new areas of integrated knowledge. These bodies of knowledge can be applied in both public and commercial organizations as to individuals….”

    Hans van Buijten, Business Consultant

  • The Matrix-Q Methodology and work connects people, organizations and the ecosystem of which we are all part. This holistic approach is crucial to be successful as well as sustainable. Innovation can only happen once we understand the dynamics of human behavior. MQ9 connects all the dots.”

    Arnold Beekes, Business Consultant

  • The program pulls you out of your comfort zone and regular setting which creates new insights about colleges and the way the team normally copes with situations. It stimulates creativity and exposes talents/weaknesses of the participants, (…) an amazing tool for team building and reviewing workflows.

    Lotte Lieuwen, Family Management, Self-employed

  • I think this kind of training is very scarce in the netherlands. it has really helped me with my full body awareness and precision of movements. I also like the awareness of the surroundings aspect and the breathing techniques make me feel good about myself.

    Vincent Elders, Environment Protection Consultant

  • The professional knowledge and experience Luis brings to this endeavor is unique and innovative.

    Stefan Bram, Innovation Lead - Utrecht Inc Start-Ups Incubator

  • LDMF expertise is novel and useful to organizational development. The holistic approach that he has developed first well with the aim of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs, suggested by the United Nations for 2030)

    Arno de Snoo, Lecturer at International Development Management Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences

  • Unique at International Level

    Dr. Jose Luis Garcia Vigil, Education & Clinical Medicine - Researcher

  • Remarkable talents in business management, planning and coaching.

    Bosco Chang, CEO, R&D Developer Germanix

  • The uniqueness of his thinking and approach lies in the fact that he has combined his research on ancient nature inspired social and economic principles, with modern day business and social models (…). The tools he has developed from here have the unique characteristic that they are of a holistic and mathematic nature at the same time and can be applied to any type, form and size of organization, as well as for individuals.

    Monique van de Vijver, Solidaridad Network - Innovation Leader

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I invest?

    The steps are:

    Register investment You can first register before you can invest. You can do this as a person or company.

    Payment U can complete the registration through a bank transfer or iDeal-payment. If you wish to invest a larger amount, you can do multiple iDeal-payments of €10.000,-. An iDeal-payment is fully automised and confirmed.

    Fully booked When the amount of the bonds is reached, the status will change to "Fully booked". From then it is not possible to invest anymore. Every investment has a cooling-off period of 14 days. In this period the investor has the right to change or cancel the registration. The bond loan will remain "Fully booked" until the cooling-off period of all registrations has expired.

  • Why can a prospect be exempt from approval with the AFM?

    If one of the below conditions are met, a prospect can be exempt from approval with the AFM:

    • The offer is aimed at fewer than 150 people.
    • The securities can be acquired (whether or not in a package) at a value of at least € 100,000 per investor.
    • The offering of securities by a non-profit association or institution to achieve its non-commercial objectives.
    • The nominal value of a security is € 100,000 or more.

    This is also the case with this offer

    • he total equivalent value of the securities being offered is less than € 5
      million, calculated over a 12-month period.

    t is also possible that an approved prospectus is not available
    with an offer because the offer does not require a prospectus. Securities are not tradable or when it concerns
    an offer from participation rights or when it concerns an offer from
    participation rights in an open-end investment institution. Source: AFM

  • What is crowdfunding?

    Crowdfunding is the lending of relatively small amounts by a large group of investors
    to a company through an online platform. When lending money to a company
    the compensation is interest on the loan. This form is called "loan based crowdfunding" or
    "crowdlending". Financial return is important in this form of crowdfunding.

  • What does "no prospectus obligation" mean?

    An investment offer usually requires a license or the company must have a
    prospectus approved by the AFM. Sometimes exemptions apply and one falls
    investment offer does not fall under the supervision of the AFM. We then speak of an exempt
    investment. For example, an investment is exempt if all investors can jointly invest
    a maximum of € 5 million in the investment. Source: AFM

  • Does the bond loan fall under Crowdfunding?

    No, with crowdfunding you take out a loan through a brokerage platform of lenders
    and borrowers. A crowdfunding platform needs to take a crowdfunding investor test
    with every consumer who invests more than € 500 via the platform. Now you invest
    directly in the company. You provide the company with a loan and decide how
    how large the loan is.The conditions for the loan can be found in the Information

  • Where can I find the key investor information?

    Essential information is information that you need in any case to make an informed
    informed decision. Underneath the head documentation on this page you can find
    the legal information document submitted to the AFM and information about, among other things, the risks, collateral and guarantees, the terms and conditions of the loan, tax
    treatment and current financial situation.

  • Can I cancel the purchase of Bonds?

    Yes, the AFM believes it is important that you as a consumer make a conscious choice to
    invest. That is why we offer the opportunity for reflection. This is designed in two ways:
    1) You must actively confirm that you have read the information memorandum,
    before you press the order button. 2) You have the option to dissolve for 14
    days. This is possible by written confirmation. There are no costs associated with this cancellation.
    If the investment is not canceled within 14 days
    it will then become definitive.

  • How can I sell or transfer bonds?

    Bondholders who wish to transfer their bonds can indicate this in writing
    to us.

  • Do you have other questions?

    Read more about direct funding at

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